Aaron McCray

is a multimedia artist/animator/musician based out of the Metro Detroit area.


  • Arrogancy GamesHas created multiple games for sale on XBox Live Indie Games.
  • Multimedia DesignerIs currently employed full time at ES-3 as a Multimedia Designer.
  • PersonalIs in the midst of creating a video game, tenative title: "Love and Horror."

What’s New


New T-Shirt Design
Designed a custom t-shirt for San Diego Comic-con cosplay


The One True King
A new painting of Joffrey Baratheon - Lannister from Game of Thrones

About the Artist

In between various personal projects of artistic expression, Aaron McCray, at times, takes on freelance artistic projects. While the focus, as of late, has been on game design, he is generally interested in illustrative, animation, or musical projects.

While some of his prints are offered for sale, many can be obtained freely as high resolution files, upon request. For requests for art, offers for work or commission, or any additional information, use the email links on this site for contact.

Coming Soon


Official site launch
This is just a placeholder until the official site relaunch on August 1, 2013.


New video game project
Look in mid August for news about Aaron's upcoming video game.

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